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Of course the obvious reason is that Brazil is hosting the summer Olympics in 2016 and they’re waiving the visa requirements for that period of time. Take full advantage of that! But the exchange rate is also strongly in favor of American Dollar travelers and Brazil made the list of Top 10 Value Destinations for Canadian, and American Travelers in 2016.  It’s also a very good value for those traveling with Euro currency, or Australian Dollars.

Looking for Some Reasons
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Top 7 Beaches in Brazil

by Cristina on October 11, 2012

Top 7 Beaches in BrazilGoing to a beach in Brazil is more than just soaking up the tan. The tiny bikinis, the incredible energy of people playing sports, the sand and sea, all come together and offer an amazing time for those who choose to spend time on a beach in Brazil.

With so many beautiful beaches all over the country, it’s hard to choose just seven to include in our top. But we’ve given it a try and here are the winners.

1. Praia do
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10 Days in Brazil: Itinerary IdeasBrazil is a large and diverse country. And planning a 10-day vacation here is incredibly hard. First of all, make a list of the things you must see while in Brazil. Then take a long look at the map and the distances between the places. Most likely you’ll have to fly between the cities unless you plan to lose a lot of time in buses.

This itinerary visits Salvador – with a day trip to Cachoeira -, Rio de Janeiro,

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What to Eat in Brazil: Famous Brazilian FoodsThe Brazilian cuisine has many similarities with the cuisines of the other South American countries. The local cuisine has a lot of African and Portuguese influences. The Italian influence is present in pizza and various pastas, but you can also find a lot of Middle Eastern dishes popular in Brazil.

The Brazilian cuisine is not exactly vegetarian-friendly, but there are some dishes which have a vegetarian version.

Feijão / Feijoada

Black beans, boiled with onions and garlic. Sometimes pork is also

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Brazil in December

by Cristina on March 22, 2012

Brazil in DecemberDecember falls during summer in Brazil and it also means it’s the high season. Complete with Christmas and New Year’s festivities, this time of year is excellent for getting a tan and enjoying the outdoors. But the temperatures are also high so plan your day accordingly.

Weather in Brazil in December

December falls during the high season in Brazil. Summers bring high temperatures and humidity. While there isn’t exactly a “bad” time to visit the country, you need to be

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Brazil in August

by Cristina on March 21, 2012

Brazil in AugustAugust is one of the cheaper months to visit Brazil. It falls during the dry season and although, in some parts, the temperatures get high, it’s not humid. You can easily plan to get a tan in Rio de Janeiro (but the water can be quite cold) or enjoy some days of sightseeing in Sao Paulo .

Weather in Brazil in August

Brazil is a large country but most of it falls under the tropical climate. August is part

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