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When planning your vacation in Brazil, choosing the right accommodation is the next step after booking your plane ticket. Everyone seems to want to visit Brazil during the Carnaval, hence it can be very hard to find accommodation even if you try to look couple of months in advance. So the sooner you book, the better, especially if you plan to stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Accommodation in Brazil takes many forms: from the luxury 5 star hotels, to the very cheap hostels and pretty much anything in between. Plus, like everything else in Brazil, accommodation can be really exotic and interesting.

Let’s take a look at some accommodation types in Brazil so that you know what to expect.


There are plenty of amazing hotels in Brazil, ranging from the very expensive luxury 5 stars ones to the cheap(er) ones. You’ll find the most expensive hotels in Sao Paulo, while in Rio de Janeiro you can expect to run into world celebrities staying in one of the top hotel chains.

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Since the hotels aren’t exactly cheap, if you are on a budget or just prefer to spend your time with fellow travelers, the hostels are the best choice. The cheapest beds are in dorms and you can expect to pay anything between US$15 and US$22.59 for a night.

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