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Brazil: a lovely destination to escape winter

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere usually means cold and snow… and for many of us, it also means looking for places to escape this weather. While Mexico and the Caribbean are some of the good choices but South America also ranks high among travelers.

And in South America, Brazil is one of the most interesting countries to visit. Famous for the carnival, the Amazonian forests and the lifestyle, Brazil has a lot more to offer and is one of the destinations in South America where you can escape the cold northern hemisphere winters.

When planning a vacation in Brazil, it’s always best to look for cheap airfare to Rio . The city is served by a large airport which receives flights from all over the world. For example, a round trip flight from New York in mid-March starts at $1057 on Iberia; it costs slightly less ($1011) to book a round trip flight from Los Angeles.

Once you’ve booked the flight, it’s time to look for hotels in Brazil ; depending on where you head to for a vacation, you’ll be able to find affordable hotels with enough facilities to ensure a good stay.

Ilha Grande is an excellent vacation spot for those looking for a laid-back experience. Fly into Rio then take a bus to the island, which is located off the southeast coast of Brazil. Or you can head to the Pantanal, which is the world’s largest protected wetland, but less known to non-Brazilians than the Amazon basin. Fly to Rio and then take a connecting flight to one of the cities near-by (Campo Grande, Bonito, Cuiaba or Corumba).

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