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Brazil in August

August is one of the cheaper months to visit Brazil. It falls during the dry season and although, in some parts, the temperatures get high, it’s not humid. You can easily plan to get a tan in Rio de Janeiro (but the water can be quite cold) or enjoy some days of sightseeing in Sao Paulo .

Weather in Brazil in August

Brazil is a large country but most of it falls under the tropical climate. August is part of the dry season in the northeast, so it’s still warm enough to sunbath but not humid (it can get very hot, though). Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are warm year-round ; so you can easily get a suntan if you head to Rio de Janeiro, but remember that the sea water can be quite cold in August. The rain forest is also relatively dry in August, so you can plan to explore the area.

Sample temperatures

Brasilia avg high 27C / avg low 12C
Foz do Iguacu avg temp 17C
Recife avg high 28C / avg low 22C
Rio de Janeiro avg high 27C / avg low 18C
Sao Paulo avg high 22C/ avg low 13C

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Flights and accommodation in August

If you plan to head to the northeast and its lovely seashore, now it’s the time to plan your vacation. Many hotels offer discounts in August , which also falls during the dry season. Otherwise, you can choose one of the many hostels available in the large cities.

August is one of the cheaper months to visit Brazil, so plan your flight in advance and enjoy the often reduced rates.

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What to do in August

August is an ideal month to visit Amazon and Pantanal, because now it’s the dry season. If you are looking for an organized tour , do the research in advance.

Head to Rio de Janeiro and spend some time on the beach. You can also play football on the beach or see the city from above. When you get too tired or don’t want to see the beach anymore head to the Botanical Garden.

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Although it’s winter, you can plan a visit to the Iguazu Falls. It might not be at their full, but it’s less likely to get find clothes paths due to the excessive rain.

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August is nice for sightseeing in Sao Paulo. Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, do some shopping, relax in the park or see the city from above. You can also escape to the beach but the weather doesn’t exactly allow for tanning.

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