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Brazil in December

December falls during summer in Brazil and it also means it’s the high season. Complete with Christmas and New Year’s festivities, this time of year is excellent for getting a tan and enjoying the outdoors. But the temperatures are also high so plan your day accordingly.

Weather in Brazil in December

December falls during the high season in Brazil. Summers bring high temperatures and humidity. While there isn’t exactly a “bad” time to visit the country, you need to be prepared. Rio de Janeiro sees temperatures in the 30s C but the Amazon, although not that hot, is very humid and rainy.

Sample temperatures

Brasilia avg high 26C / avg low 17C
Foz do Iguacu avg temp 25C
Recife avg high 31C / avg low 25C
Rio de Janeiro avg high 31C / avg low 22C
Sao Paulo avg high 26C/ avg low 18C

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Flights and accommodation in December

The high season in Brazil also means high prices and crowds. If you must visit the country during December, plan in advance. If hotel prices are too high, then look for hostels . Many offer private rooms, too, so you don’t have to sacrifice the intimacy.

Flights aren’t exactly very cheap, either. You can check for various routes. It might be possible to find cheaper options if you don’t opt for a direct flight. Either way, book the flight ahead of time.

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Things to do in Brazil in December

One of the best months to visit Iguacu Falls is December. Of course, expect crowds and high prices , but the site is magnificent and totally worth your time. Choose one of the hotels near Iguacu Falls and plan to stay for at least a night here .

The city might be crowded now, but head to Rio de Janeiro and spend some time on the beach. Enjoy a match of football on the beach, see the city from above or visit the Botanical Garden. Should you plan to stay for New Year’s in Rio, plan to spend it on the beach!

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Sao Paulo is a nice city to enjoy although it doesn’t have a beach right within the city limits. Still, you can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, do some shopping, relax in the park or see the city from above. And you can also escape to the beach to get some tan (it’s located within a short distance of the city).

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