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Brazil in July

July falls during winter in Brazil but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to brace for low temperatures – unless you want to hit the ski resorts. Rio de Janeiro is still excellent for soaking up the sun and Sao Paulo offers lovely sightseeing weather.

Weather in Brazil in July

July is the coldest month in Brazil. However, the snow may occur only in the south, while the north can see mild to hot temperatures.

Sample temperatures

Brasilia avg high 26C / avg low 11C
Foz de Iguacu avg temp 15C
Recife avg high 28C / avg low 22C
Rio de Janeiro avg high 27C / avg low 17C
Sao Paulo avg high 21C/ avg low 12C

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Flights and accommodation in July

July is winter break for the locals, which means the hotels in winter resorts get packed easily. If you are after fun in the snow, then book the accommodation at least a month in advance.

While July is the coldest month in Brazil, it’s not unpopular among travelers. The flights to beach destinations including aren’t exactly very cheap, so make sure to book the ticket 4 to 8 weeks in advance.

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What to do

In July , Sao Paulo sees averages of 21C during the way, which is absolutely perfect weather for strolling and sightseeing. Some of the things to do in Sao Paulo include: walking in Ibirapuera Park, visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral or getting a bird’s eye view of the city from the Altino Arantes Building. Don’t forget the mortadella sandwich for lunch and you can also take a day trip to Praia Grande if you want to walk by the beach. Sorry, no sunbathing, though. Otherwise, you can stay in the city and go shopping.

If you are after the sun & sand, then head to Rio de Janeiro. Sure, it’s not as crowded or cosmopolitan as it gets during the Carnival, but you can get a lovely tan. Some of the things to do in Rio de Janeiro include : sunbathing or playing football on Ipanema beach, surfing, visiting the interesting neighborhood of Santa Teresa, seeing the city from Corcovado or relaxing in the Botanical Garden.

July is an excellent time of year to head in the mountains. The Rio Grande do Sul mountain range offer about 30 cities for your delight , while the Mountains of Rio de Janeiro are famous for their coffee farms.

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