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Flights to Brazil

Sao Paulo airportMost international travelers will arrive either in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, although several other cities receive regular flights from Europe and North America. Charter flights from Europe land either directly in the beach areas or the cities near-by.

Airports and Airlines

Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) is Sao Paulo’s international airport and the most important in Brazil in terms of international traffic. The airport is located at 40 km from the city center and receives direct flights both from Europe – Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich – and North America – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Mexico City, Miami, Newark, New York, Panama City, Toronto and Washington DC. There are also flights from South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) on South African Airways. Also, this route ensures onward connections to Australia and New Zealand.

Galeão International Airport (GIG) in Rio de Janeiro is the airport where international flights land. There are direct flights from both Europe and North America, but not as many as those landing in Sao Paulo.

The largest Brazilian carrier is TAM which offers flights to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from Paris, London, Miami, New York and Lima.

There are also flights from Asia hence Brazil is well connected to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Japan), and Seoul (Korea) as well.

Plenty of flights from the South American capitals – Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, Asunción, La Paz, Lima, Bogotá and Caracas – arrive both in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Brazil

If you fly from Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia it can get rather costly because of the distance. Hence it’s advisable to plan ahead and try different alternatives. Figure out which airlines have hubs in the Brazilian cities and try to use those airlines as prices will be much cheaper. Also consider every possibility and don’t be limited to a certain city. You can easily grab a domestic flight once you get to Brazil to get to your vacation destination.

Try to fly outside the high tourist season. A good idea is to take advantage of the shoulder season when the weather is still good but the prices are lower. Also check the special offer from different airlines.

It’s also a good idea to fly mid-week as opposed to during the weekend. Weekends are always crowded and flights more expensive while Mondays are filled with business travelers.