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It is time to party

When it comes to famous party travel destinations , Ibiza and Mykonos are famous all over the world. That’s if you think of summer and Europe. But where should you head to if you have party on your mind and need a warm destination (while the rest of the world is freezing in Europe)? Brazil is definitely a good choice.

Although there’s still a lot of time until the Rio Carinval 2011, it’s already time to hunt for the offers. Rio Carnival deals are already available and the prices start from $96 per package, depending on the day and sector.

And that’s just the ticket to see the show. You also need to factor the flight and accommodation. If you fly United States or Canada, you won’t need to rack up so much money for one of the cheap flights to Brazil . A round trip flight from New York in early March 2011 (the first days of the Carnival) starts at $813 per person (on TAM Linhas Aereas). On the other hand, if you fly from Europe – say London – your budget is going to be much higher. A round trip flight starts at $1208 (on bmi).

Then , it’s time to look for accommodation and book it ahead of time. Your best bet is to look for hostel beds, which start at $68 per night for that time of the year.

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