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Rio and Then…?: Where to Go in Brazil

buziosWhen most travelers think of Brazil, they think of Rio de Janeiro. But there’s a whole lot of country out there left waiting to be explored and if you limit yourself to Rio, you’ll miss out on some of the county’s most beautiful sights, charming small towns, gorgeous beaches, and important landmarks.

Most visitors enter Brazil through Rio as airfare to Rio de Janeiro is usually cheaper than to other destinations in the county.  From Rio, you can get to other destinations in Brazil via plane or long-distance bus network, which like many bus systems in South America, is surprisingly modern, efficient, and cheap.

So, where to go? There are many places to go in Brazil besides Rio, and you’re really only limited by your interests. Head to Buzios for the perfect beach getaway, party it up in Salvador (just don’t forget to wear your Brazil jersey during the World Cup – you’ll make instant new friends!), or dine in Brazil’s gastronomic capital, Tiradentes.

There are so many places to explore in Brazil, it would be a shame to never venture far from Rio. The city is truly “marvelous”, but it’s only one side of this dynamic, diverse country.

Photo by laszlo-photo