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Tours are a great way to explore any country and Brazil makes no difference. There are different types of tours suitable for all budgets and all types of travelers. While nature and adventure tours are the most popular among those who visit Brazil, there are city tours available as well.

Nature Tours

Brazil is such a large country with a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. From the Amazon forest, to the Iguazu falls and the pristine beaches, the country offers a lot of possibilities to hike, visit the jungle, canoe, go horseback riding or cycle.

Each Brazilian area is famous for its own landmarks. While the Amazon forest and the Iguazu falls might be the most popular among travelers, the Pantanal and the national parks can be awesome choices as well.

Carnival and Samba Tours

What’s a trip to Brazil without learning to dance the samba? Or attending the Carnival? And what better way to do it than during a specialized tour? Just make sure to book your Carnival package way in advance.

City Tours

While it can be fun to plan your own itinerary in a city, sometimes it’s awesome to let others do it and get some additional information from the guide as well. A full day city tour will show you the most important landmarks in Rio de Janeiro, while a 4 hours tour can focus on Christ’s Statue in Rio de Janeiro and the most popular beaches.

Day Tours

Day tours are an excellent way to see more of Brazil, without having to travel to another city. Many wonderful attractions are located close to the cities and a worth a day tour.

Adventure Tours

Brazil is known for the adventure tours in the Amazon forest, the Pantanal and at Iguazu Falls. If you are up to the challenge, make sure to check out these interesting adventure tours in Brazil . Typically, you can book them before arrival to get the best rates.

Top 5 Brazil Adventure Tours

Amazon & the Heart of Brazil – Northbound 29 days – from US$1790
The tour takes you through the heart of Brazil, from the wetlands of the Pantanal to the dense Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park and the country’s fantastic cities.

Brazil Amazon Cruise 9 days – from US$2689
Probably the best way to see the Amazon is to…float on it. You also get to explore the jungle on organized walks and try our luck at canoeing.

Brazil Hike Bike and Raft 15 days – US$2699
This tour combines beautiful beaches with the tropical forest on a very active tour. You get to kayak, bike and hike.

Amazon Village Lodge (3 days) 3 days – US$539
During the day, you’ll explore the jungle on foot and boat and during the night you’ll search for caiman. And spend time with the fellow travelers.

Brazil Crossing 17 day – US$2099
This tour explores the less traveled part of Latin America. The tour starts in Peru and continues to Brazil. You’ll be exploring Iguazu Falls as well as Rio de Janeiro.