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Try Recife for Your Next Brazil Trip

For many travelers, a trip to Brazil means one thing: a trip to Rio. But this sprawling country (the fifth largest in the world) has so much more to offer than the city made famous by Carnival and Copacaban. Rio is certainly worth visiting, but it’s still worthwhile to get out of the city to see more of Brazil. For a slightly smaller and more manageable city, start in Recife.

Recife is the fourth-largest metro area in Brazil and is major port town on the Atlantic Ocean. Called the “Brazilian Venice,” it features over 50 bridges and dozens of rivers and small islands within the city center. Attracting visitors with its many beautiful beaches, the modern city is also located amidst tropical forests and some of the best National Parks in South America.

The city hosts Brazil’s busiest carnival, and during this time prices for accommodation in Recife can become more expensive, but otherwise, the costs are on par with Rio – the is to say, quite cheap by North American standards.  You can fly into Recife in the north, you can then fly or travel overland to Rio for another perspective on this beautiful country.

Photo by otubo